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Mapseagrass is a multi-institutional project involving international organizations, universities, research institutes, NGOs and technology companies that have come together to contribute to understanding transformation of seagrass habitats in coastal waters through a near real time mapping from space.

Seagrass Mapper

Seagrass Mapper is a cloud-based tool for mapping seagrass distribution using satellite images and field based information. The Seagrass Mapper is constructed on Google Earth Engine and it can interactively map distribution of seagrass in coastal water.

Seagrass Trainer

Seagrass Trainer, is another cloud-based tool to register field based seagrass records to train satellite images for classification. The Seagrass Trainer is constructed on Amazon Web Service and it works in conjunction with the Seagrass Mapper to map distribution of seagrass in coastal water.

Marine Environmental Watch Cloud GIS Prototype

This web site visualizes marine environment information provided by Japan, China, South Korea, and Russia on a map for the purpose of grasping the current state of the marine environment in the NOWPAP region. Currently, based on the information provided, we have created and released a map of potential eutrophic zones and seagrass distribution in the NOWPAP region.