Privacy policy

1.Basic Idea of Privacy Policy
 Ministry of the Environment, Japan and the Northwest Pacific region Environmental Cooperation Center (NPEC) gather information about visitors of the Marine Environmental Protection of Northwest Pacific Region (, hereinafter this website) for the purpose of smooth operation/provision of services (e.g. providing data and information posted on the website and answering inquiries from visitors) . We properly manage collected information in line with the purpose of its use.
2.Range of Information Collected
  1. When you visit this website, your personal information including domain name and IP address of yours and your visiting record is collected automatically. Cookies (files created and stored in a user’s computer to be transmitted to his/her browser from the server to recognize the user) are set in some webpages of this website; however, we do not use the cookies to collect personal information (e.g. recognizing a visitor). You can turn off all cookies through your browser.
  2. For inquiries about a link to and/or the copyright of this website, please provide your e-mail address and homepage address (in case of planning to create a link to this website).
3.Purpose of Use
  1. 2.1.We use information collected in 2.1 above for smooth operation/provision of services of this website.
  2. 2.2.We use information collected in 2.2 above as reference for improving operation/services of this website. Using information of collected e-mail addresses, we also send messages to announce services of this website to registered users.
  3. 2.3.We may use information collected in 2.3 above for answering inquires, checking created links and/or copyright protection.
4.Limit of Use/Provision of Information
 When a disclosure request has been made and/or when illegal accesses are discovered, the Ministry of the Environment, Japan, and NPEC may use collected information for the purpose other than the purpose of the use in 3 above unless there is some special reason.
We may use any collected personal information including visit record, inquiries, opinions provided to us and other relevant information as part of publicizing statistically analyzed data and/or recommendations/suggestions on this website.
5.Measures to Secure the Safety of Collected Information
 Ministry of the Environment, Japan, and NPEC provide necessary safety measures against divulging, loss and/or compromise of collected information and others as well as for proper management of collected information.
6.Scope of Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy is applied to all pages in this website.

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